Saturday, 6 October 2012

what doesn't kill u make you stronger ??

Life is about up and down, sometimes we feel we are on the top of the world, like you're living in paradise. sometimes you just feel falling down, crush to the ground and break into pieces. 

That is life. you will never know when the time comes. We just hope for the best and prepare for the worst. 

Failure is one of the life mess that we have to go through, to learn from our mistakes and never repeat again, and to make us stronger as we gone through the pain. failure teaches not to give up, no matter how bad the mess is. there is always a brand new day. 

It is hard to accept the fact- sometimes it hurts so much. It's okay to cry, let everything out from ourselves, we will feel much better afterwards. Everybody hurts someday. Time will heal like people say. It does. It makes you think what did you do wrong, keep moving foward and be prepared for the future.

Without failure there is no meaning of succes, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs are examples of successful men who had failed in their life. A real success is when we climb up from the fall, try harder with fearless , learn from our mistakes, and never gives up. 

    What doesn't kill you makes you

Live life and be happy!

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