Sunday, 7 October 2012

My final exam for first semester ends here !!!!!



final exam ends today...
what a relief..
Feel much better sharply after 1615 pm..heheh

just now,,syera's aunt came here and took all the things from both of us to be kept in her house for a while because the semester holiday is around the corner.

I also get ready to bring many of my items to kak Pija's room at rafflesia 1...
whoaaa ,, very2 far lorh, but i don't have any place to keep my items.

yeah,i promise that I will buy something to them to repay them..insya'Allah

tomorrow, i will go to PEJABAT AKEDEMIK FAKULTI SAINS KESIHATAN in order to take KADS1M (kad diskaun siswa 1Malaysia) .. after that,i ll go to setia city mall,,i'll enjoy there together with all of Occupational Therapy student bcause we hangout there before back to our own house. 

                            what we will do there????

1- of course watching movie
2- go to mcd/kfc/kenny rogers roasters..
3-play bowling
4-buy something for mama's birthday ( me )
5-window shopping only..heheheheh

3PM ,, azie's brother will take both of us and go back to KEDAH...

pity to PHYSIOTHERAPY , MEDICAL IMAGING AND NURSING students because their final exam will ends late  compared to  OT student because OT student do not have any gaps during final exam,but they have..

dont jealous2 friends...hehe
good luck to all of u..

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